Journey of Jeans by Andrew Brooks and Katelyn Toth-Fejel.jpg

Journey of jeans infographic

This infographic is a collaborative between Dr Andrew Brooks and Katelyn Toth-Fejel. It attempts to share a glimpse into some of the very complex global systems of garments' lives through the lens of one type of clothing: the pair of jeans. Astoundingly 1 in every 8 pieces of clothing bought worldwide is a pair of jeans.

Much of the research comes from Andrew's book, Clothing Poverty; The hidden world of fast fashion and second-hand clothes and illustrations are by Katelyn. Also with new drawings inspired by the stories of the 'craft of use' (of jeans!) gathered by the Local Wisdom Project (see at bottom of the page.

Please enjoy and feel free to share. Download a high resolution copy of the infographic here.

The Journey of Jeans is a Cultural Institute at King’s project in collaboration with the Department of GeographyThe London College of Fashion, and Here Today Here Tomorrow.

Journey of Jeans poster by Andrew Brooks and Katelyn Toth Fejel.jpg