Katelyn Toth-Fejel

Katelyn Toth-Fejel is an artist, designer and natural dye specialist. Over the last decade her teaching has focused on increasing the take up of plant dyes as a local and ecological option for vibrant colour with particular emphasis on those dyes which are seasonally available and allow for uniquely regional hues, foraged in urban settings or cast off from agriculture. This work has been featured in numerous UK publications including the recent book: Lost in London, Adventures in the City’s Wild Outdoors.

Katelyn is a partner of the design collective Here Today Here Tomorrow with a studio and shop in East London. The shop showcases different elements of sustainable fashion and accessories such as high quality handmade craftsmanship, durability, localism, recycling, organic materials, individuality, fair trade and transparent production as well as featuring Katelyn’s natural dye work.

Katelyn is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts London working on a variety of projects and previously on the Local Wisdom project, an international research project exploring satisfying and resourceful practices associated with using clothes and led by Professor Kate Fletcher.